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Ground Work Part C

Ground Work Part C
Training ChartLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Continuing ed
HomeworkExplain how you can use distance to help a fearful horseExplain what arousal is in horses and 5 behaviors that tells you your horse is in a state of high level of arousal.Make a list of all the reinforces you can think of for your horse and prioritize themnoneList 3 worst behaviors of your own horse and how you plan on improving themnone
m) BackingBacking 10 steps with you and a friend standing in front, 2 cuesBacking 3 steps with you and friend standing behind horse, 1 cueBacking while 4 people stand beside horseBacking into a narrow channel or small enclosureBacks 3 steps while saddled, 2 cuesnone
n) Cavaletti Step over pole on ground, no cueStep over jump raised 6 inches, body cue only, Jump over 3 different types of jumps on raised 18 inches, 1 cue each, c/t for each jumpJump over winged bar jump raised over 18 inches, 1 cueJump over 18 inch blind jump, 1 cueKeep varying the appearance of the jump, (such as half barrel and full barrel on side) increase the height and add other jumps one at a time at least 2 horse lengths apart. Add stepping over through and onto other obstacles, including water
o) Collection (weight on hide legs while moving)Riding out-head and neck free, straight lineRide a 60 foot diameter circle with head and neck freeCapture back end thrusts while riding up slopeFlexion of poll with relaxed headMove forward 10 paces with collected back end, flexion of poll, relaxed head, head and neck free on level ground.Add distance
p) ComeTurns head towards you voluntarilyReturns to you on 2 cues from 10 feet away in small enclosure no larger than 60 feet diameter, no distractionscomes from 50 feet away in pen 100 feet or larger, 2 cues, 1 mild distractionComes away from feed trough 100 feet away, one cueComes from 100 yards away through lush grass and away from horse buddies, two cuesComes from further away, more distractions, different locations
q) DirectionalsLeft right in front of horse two cuesLeft right in front of horse one cueLeft right from lead position on right and leftHorse turns left when one cue given from behindHorse turns right when one cue is given from behindHorse turns right, then left when you use long lines as cue from behind horse
r) DistanceAround a garbage can, 2 Q'sAround a post 10 feet, 1 cueAround a post 30 feet, 1 cueAround a large object 50 feet away 1 cueAround 2 barrels situated 30 feet apartIncrease distance and vary the objects you send the horse around.
s) Gate zenStands calmly on inside of open gate for 1 minute, 2 cuesStands calmly until cued to go through gate. Turns back to handler after being cued to exit open gate.Stands calmly on outside of open gate for 30 seconds, 2 cuesStands calmly for 30 seconds, goes through gate on cue, turns back to handler. Goes back through gate, turns back to handler and allows handler to close gate.Same as level 4 but with 2 distractionsContinue adding distractions.
t) Ground DrivingAccepts Shoulder or HarnessDrags light pole in a straight line for 20 feet with 2 cuesDrags heavy pole 50 feet 2 cuesDrags noisy light load with a left and a right turn in 100 feet, as many cues as neededDrags noisy heavy load through 200 foot obstacle course, as many cues as neededAdd distance, distractions, progress to carting
u) HandlingAccepts blanket or rugCalmly accepts eye medications given by drops or ointmentStands with foot in bucket of water for 5 minutes, 2 cuesCalmly allows farrier to clean and trim all 4 feetCalmly allows veterinarian to examine ears, eyes, mouth, feet, & give innoculationsAllows vet to take rectal temperature, give internasal vaccines, give oral medication etc.
v) Lunging (Circling)Follows a target stick in a 6 foot 360 degree circle around you on lead at a walkCircles you on a 12 foot lunge line, at a walk no stick, two cuesCircles on a 30 foot lunge line, at a trot as many cues as neededCircles on a 30 foot lunge line, at a trot, slows on cue and changes direction by turning into you and trots again. Changes direction again. Repeat. As many cues as needed.As level 4 but 3 complete circles, adding speed, slowing and stops. As many cues as needed. Add distractions, speed changes, duration
w) MovementTrot 2 cuesLope 2 cuesSwitching between 2 speedsSwitching between stop, walk, trot and lope in all combinations.nonenone
x) On the RoadnonenoneLevel 1 Part A & B away from home 5 new locationsLevel 2 Part A & B away from home 5 new locationsLevel 3 Part A & B away from home 5 new locationsLevel 4 & 5 Part A & B away from home 5 locations
y) Rein Horse calmly accepts reins attached to sides of halter and placed over neckHorse calmly accepts reins thrown over horse's headHorse walking 50 feet straight with reins attached to halter over neckHorse responds to light physical cue to turn left, the right on long line from behind horseHorse responds to long line cue held by handler walking behind horse for 200 feet, making 3 repetitions of alternating right and left turnsnone
z) RetrievenoneNose target 5 safe objects 1 cue eachHold 3 objects in mouth one at a timePick up 3 objects from groundRetrieve 3 objects from 10 feet awayPick up 1 object off ground and give to rider in saddle
aa) SaddlenoneBlanket on backBlanket, small saddle with stirrupsAccept full saddle to placed on and cinched up, saddle the only cue Accept rider's full weight sitting on saddle, stepping stirrup (stepping on stirrups only first, then more)Go on to In Saddle Work
bb) Side passing (side step)noneFront end side step 2 steps, 2 cuesBack end side step 2 steps, 1 cueBoth front and back end side step 4 stepsHorse sidesteps in opposite directionContinue adding number of steps and mix with forward , then backward movement
cc) TraileringWalks across plywood sheet no cuesSteps onto plywood sheet laying on packing crates (raised 4 inches off ground), 2 cuesSteps up into trailer (all windows and doors open) and is led throughStep into and stand in open trailer for 30 seconds, 2 cuesStand in closed trailer for two minutesAdd start and stop, movement for 30 seconds on upwards and increase duration slowly. Load with a buddy, load with a unfamiliar horse. May also be used to teach a horse that has never been in a small space.
dd) TricknoneCaptured trickShaped trickSeries of 3 tricks, one cue per trick, one reward for series of 3 tricksSequence of 7 tricks, one cue per trick and one reward for whole seriesContinue chaining more behaviors together (might be a series of jumps or obstacles etc)

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