Thursday, November 11, 2010

Groundwork Part B

Ground Work Part B
Training ChartLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Continuing ed
Homework5 things you hope to accomplish by training with the levels programDescribe 4 legs of OC plus Extinction, define reinforce and punish10 reasons a horse might not perfrom a behaviorDefine default behavior and how to achieve itResearch the meaning of systematic desensitization and counter conditioning
f) Accepting Strangersstranger stroking and feedingstranger directing back up (carrying large light object)stranger dressed on odd clothing grooming horsestranger picking up feet, looking in mouthgroup of 5 strangers walking around horseContinue to introduce new people of all sizes to your horse, add sounds, speed of movement
g) DistractionsStand calmly as car or motorbike passesWalk calmly as bicycle passesWalk past a herd of cows or deerStays calm in presence of tarps flapping in the windSuccessfully learns 2 simple behaviors from Part A while in while in presence of a medium level distraction (for your horse)Practice with large farm machinery, goats, known dogs, kids running and yelling, strange dogs running out at you etc.
h) Following on loose lead Releases light pressure on lead rope, no cueTakes 10 steps with no pressure from lead rope, 1 cueLeads off handler left side with loose lead rope for 50 feet, 1 cueLeads off handler right side with loose lead for 50 feet, 1 cueFollows handler in figure 8 around 2 barrels placed 30 feet apart, 1 cue (repeat on right side)Set up obstacle course and walk horse around them asking for more obstacles and greater distances separately before combining. Walk through narrow channels. Train walking one person, two horses (one on each side). Speed changes, through dorrways and gates, in a tight circle.
i) Following off lead-libertyStands stationary with you for 30 seconds (halter optional)Takes 10 steps with you, cue you move forward or backLeads off handler left side for 50 feet, 1 cueLeads off handler right side for 50 feet, 1 cueFollows handler in figure 8 around 2 barrels placed 30 feet apart, 1 cue (repeat on right side)Add stepping backward at liberty
j) HandlingLift each foot on 1 cue, for 15 secondsCalmly accepts dewormer in mouth, delivered by youStands calmly as you hose down whole body incl legs and feet, all cuesMove hindquarters to side, 2 cues repeat with shoulderOpen mouth in front of stranger to look at teeth on 1 cueCalmly accepts sheath or udder cleaning
k) Starting and StoppingStarting 2 cuesWhoa 2 cuesHorse responds to alternating start and whoa cues at slow walk and fast walkStarting 1 cue (test 3 different cue options) Whoa 1 cue (test 3 different cue option)none
l) Stationary Stand Stand relaxed 2 cuesStand 10 seconds 2 cuesStand one minute Stand 15 min lead tied, 1 mild distraction, 20 feet awayStand 15 minutes lead dropped, 2 mild distractionsMore time, more locations, more distractions

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